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About us ABOUT US
Project Case PROJECT
  • Henan Nanyang Jiangying Airport
  • Shanxi Taigang
  • Sany Heavy Industry
  • National Concrete Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center
  • Ningbo Beilun Ore Terminal
  • BYD Auto Production Base
  • Shandong Dezhou Power Plant
  • Shanghai Baosteel Workshop
  • 燕山鋼鐵
  • Shenzhen Metro
  • Hangzhou Metro Line 2
  • Wuxi City Construction Socket Box Package
  • 56 Outdoor Series Product Upgrade Notice
  • Shangman Electric - Party Member
  • Democratic Party condolences to our poor employees
  • Shangman Electric successfully held the first half of 2017...
  • The 16th China International Equipment Manufacturing Industry...
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